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    Sítio Esperança is a non profit organization located in the rural area of Lambari (MG) that houses an accredited elementary school and a large ​- ​scale organic farm. It focuses on ecological and social awareness programs with the cultivation of positive personal values as the basis. As well, it offers environmental consultation services and support to a growing network of local organic family farms.


     The Sítio was founded in 2002, based on the aspirations of the renowned Tibetan lama, Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, whose motivation was to establish a place where values such as compassion, generosity, patience, discipline and inner peace could be developed in the context of a rural school that could support the local children and parents of the community.

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   Our school was founded in 2010 and offers early childhood e​ducation for children between two​ and ​six​ years old, and a complete elementary ​s​chool program up to the fifth grade (meeting the guidelines of the Brazilian educational system). The educational program is based on a holistic approach that encourages creative thinking, ​cooperation ​and human values training​.​ ​It ​also takes into account the history of each​ student, their life style and their personal potential. In addition to the formal curriculum, the children​cultivate ​positive qualities through activities such as meditation, agroecology, music, yoga, martial arts, capoeira, and life skills such as cooking, sewing, and carpentry.


Florescer Program

Environmental Consulting

  The environmental consulting service offers technical training and support in the areas of agroecology and geology with the goal of supporting sustainable local farm ​-​ based development. The entire amount collected through consulting is directed to the maintenance of the projects of Association Sítio Esperança.


Centre of Organic Producers

   The Centre of Organic Producers of Águas Virtuosas gathers local small family farmers and, in partnership with the Federal Institute of the South of Minas (Instituto Federal do Sul de Minas) and OPAC Sul de Minas, is working on bringing the organic certification process to a more local level so that verification visits and participation can be more effective. It also supports the technical training needed for farmers to be able to achieve greater sustainability through crop diversity.​

     This program has served local public schools and nonprofit educational organizations since 2007. It emphasizes the theme of agroecology as a way to promote positive values and also provides a useful education through ​wholesome ​examples. The method is pragmatic and cooperative, and combines agroecological activities such as the establishment of school gardens along with principles of personal, social and environmental awareness.  The program is designed to integrate with the syllabus of the participating institutions.

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And the support of public and private entities , the site already enlisted the help of more than eighty individual donors . We hope that the merits of this generosity to multiply and benefits all.

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